What to do when your child wants to begin wrestling

All psychologists will agree that the right answer is: let them. Children should acquire as many experiences as possible. If they express wanting to try any kind of sport, take it as a great indication of proper development. Any child that is active of their own volition, rather than being forced by their parents, will enjoy doing that sport much more. Nowadays a lot of children are quickly becoming addicted to new technologies and prefer sitting at home playing video games so be happy that your child wants to be active, even if wrestling wasn’t something you were hoping for.

Because wrestling is a contact sport, many parents fear their children will become injured. You can, however, minimize the risk of that if you ensure that your child receives proper training and is fully equipped. So send your children to a certified training facility that has experience with teaching children to make sure that they receive correct training instructions. After all, the goal of wrestling is not injuring your opponent but immobilizing them and getting as many points as possible. You should also purchase all the necessary equipment to protect your child. Especially wrestling shoes are crucial in making sure every participant is safe. Double-check that the wrestling school or training facility that you will send your kids to prohibits participants from wrestling in regular sneakers.

What to look for in kids wrestling shoes

All wrestling shoes, no matter if adult or child, have to fit the athlete’s feet properly. That means they cannot be too big because the foot will slide inside the shoe. They also cannot be too small as to not cause unnecessary pressure. It is recommended to leave around an inch of free space in front of the toes. This is especially important with kids wrestling shoes because it assures that there is room for the child’s foot to grow. You don’t want to keep buying new pairs after every small growth spurt.

The shoes should also be sturdy enough to provide protection in case the child falls or has their foot stepped on. Ideally, the material will be made from breathable mesh to prevent problems occurring from excessive sweating. Trapping moisture inside the shoes puts the children at risk of developing a fungal infection. Mesh materials are also easy to wash, you can usually just chuck them into the laundry machine (just in case, be sure to check the labels on the shoes though!).

Lastly, maybe don’t go for the high-priced brands just yet. Even when children seem passionate about something, that passion may go away just as suddenly as it appeared. Statistics show that most people don’t continue with wrestling longer than for around two years. With children, this may not even take a month. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that will become useless in a short time so wait until your child develops a serious interest in wrestling. Maybe even check if your local training facility has second-hand kids wrestling shoes that can be bought or rented. A lot of parents decide to donate their children’s wrestling shoes after they are no longer useful so you might get lucky there.

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