4 reasons you need a makeup mirror

Applying makeup can be both an art and a job. Whichever way you look at it, you need the right tools to achieve the look you’re going after.

There are many types of makeup tools available:

  • brushes: probably the first one you think of when you hear makeup tools, there is a brush for virtually anything: from different eyeshadow brushes to foundation brushes, each is specialized to achieve a special effect
  • makeup sponges: used to apply liquid foundation or concealer, makeup sponges became popular in recent years because they achieve superb coverage and are easy to clean
  • spoolie: another type of brush used for combing and styling eyebrows
  • tweezers: an essential tool for eyebrow grooming and plucking stray hairs
  • eyelash curlers: it takes some time to get used to the proper way to hold and use this one, but it’s worth it because no other too or product can match the curl it provides to your eyelashes

But there’s one tool that’s often overlooked and that’s the makeup mirror.

While in theory you can use any mirror to apply your makeup, a specialized mirror comes with its advantages:

    • they’re small and portable (although there are also larger models and vanity mirrors that you can mount to the wall)
    • they have high-quality lighting systems that imitate natural light and are designed to help you see everything you can’t see under poor lighting
    • they’re double sided: one side is a regular mirror, and the other is a magnifying mirror
    • they can assist you in anything: from applying your favorite eyeshadow to trying out that crazy new gel nail polish, you can use it to help you with anything because they’re easy to angle and reposition

If you wear makeup daily or want to get into makeup art, you should consider buying a makeup mirror to make sure you always get the best results.

Not sure where to start your shopping? Check these makeup mirrors:

Absolutely luvly lighted makeup mirror with magnification

Price: $16.93

Features: dimmable touch screen mirror, LED lighting system, suction cup for mounting your mirror to the wall, battery powered

BESTOPE makeup vanity mirror with magnification

Price: $22.99

Features: coated mirror surface, three magnifying panels, LED light system, touch screen mirror, multiple power options (batteries or USB cable)

FENCHILIN vanity makeup mirror

Price: $49.99

Features: LED light system for natural illumination, touch operated on/off and brightness sensor, quality construction, adjustable

VESAUR professional lighted makeup mirror

Price: $54.99

Features: adjustable lighting system, superb magnification, multiple power options (batteries or AC adapter)

Zadro max bright sunlight dual sided vanity mirror

Price: $72.98

Features: 10x magnification, cord storage, adjustable mirror with rotational stop

VESAUR hollywood lighted makeup mirror

Price: $89.99

Features: lighting system with dimmable bulbs, touch control system, different lighting modes, no distortion of image

simplehuman round lighted makeup mirror with magnification

Price: $150

Features: Tru-lux light system that simulates natural light, on/off sensor, magnifying mirror, built-in phone stand and cord management system

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